Maaf Tuhan, but these all suck!

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2011 at 7:00 am

This blog site needs love, has been neglected by its owners a few weeks after it was made.
One has gone far, no not the edge of the earth, but far enough for this mind to understand. He may not have everything he wants here, still need more than comprehension that he would get whatever he wants to get, down in a place I rarely heard. maybe I am wrong, Tajik is perhaps not a bad place to live, but when u said u need to stock food in Pamir for winter time, I was like “what the hell are you doing there?” anyway, if this journey is worth doing, you’ll make it thru. Just stay strong.

what the other two are doing? one had a very chronic broken hearth, ceased yoga, and now running for step excercise every afternoon with “did u say ibu ibu BIWA?” but it didnt end there, he almost killed someone!! it cost him his car. Considering he has kind of glamorous lifestyle, i have no idea how he keeps his dignity with those all ojek transport everyday.

What about the last one? I think he is busy letting go one by one of his dreams and waiting miracle at the same time, seeking tranquility in a wrong place. If anyone in this world suppose tiramisu as a miracle, that’s him. Also his best laid plan to surprise someone hurt him badly.

Peraturan tidak tertulis untuk menulis di site ini adalah ada foto, sayangnya saya tidak punya foto Tuhan. See! I dont have your picture, God, A single!

  1. nyo….. BIWA ntu ‘pa’an??

    nice short-story ehhh….

    keep creative bro”

    ehem…. need contributor?? eheheh….

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